Bay Window VW Bus Parts

Parts and accessories for Bay Window VW Buses.

A wide range of spare parts and accessories for your VW Bay Window Bus. Shop with us for quality Bay Window van and camper parts and find everything you need to restore and maintain your classic VW bus.

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  1. 1600 Type 1 Engine

    1600 Type 1 Engine

    Standard and performance parts for 1600cc (or larger) Type 1 engines fitted to Bay Window Buses.

  2. 1700 - 2000 Type 4 Engine

    1700 - 2000 Type 4 Engine

    Standard and performance parts for 1700 - 2000cc Type 4 engines available for Bay Window Buses from '72.

  3. Fuel Tank
  4. Exhaust and Heating

    Exhaust and Heating

    Standard and performance heat exchangers, headers, silencers and tailpipes, fitting kits and gaskets.

  5. Clutch, Gearbox, Drivetrain
  6. Brakes


    Drum and disk brake parts, brake fluid reservoirs, master cylinders, brake lines and hoses, shoes and pads.

  7. Front Suspension, Steering
  8. Rear Suspension

    Rear Suspension

    Rear suspension parts, bushes, shock absorbers.

  9. Wheels


    Standard and alloy wheels and related parts, tyre inserts.

  10. Hand and Foot Controls

    Hand and Foot Controls

    Steering wheel, pedal, handbrake and gearstick related parts.

  11. Cables
  12. Electrical System

    Electrical System

    Charging, starting, switches, gauges and instruments, lights and indicators, windscreen wipers.

  13. Exterior
  14. Interior
  15. Westfalia


    Parts specific to Westfalia camper conversions.

  16. Tools


    Tools for engine rebuilding, clutch changing, axle nut removing, etc.

  17. Oils and Fluids

    Oils and Fluids

    Engine and transmission oil, brake fluid, etc.

  18. Accessories


    A selection of accessories to personalise your Bay Window Bus.

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